Friday, January 4, 2013

Losing Weight - My New Years Resolution by Reny

I am in need to lose some weight, so I am starting to gather some info one my favorite foods and will be posting it here. My weight is 245 lb ( I do not mind saying it here ) for me it is the first step in realizing that I need to do something about it and since I can not work out ( because of my GBS which is Guillian-Barre syndrome ) here is the link that will help you all to understand what it is that I have :

I am going to adjust how and what I will eat, for me it is cutting the carbs out as much as I can. Not saying that I will not eat any at all just cutting back on it. I already been eating wheat products for years.
I really like the taste of it and it does not fill me up like the regular white flour would. 

I am going to add exercise only 5 min. a day on my stationary bike ( which for me is all I can do ) also going to write down what I eat on a daily bases. I have a ColorNote app here is the link for that : 
on my smartphone that will help me keep track of the veggies and fruits that I need to eat on a daily bases. 

All this will start on 01/07/2013, my first post will be on Tuesday on what I eat and how I am feeling ( probably will make a video ) and of course I will make sure and take videos of what I make to eat since that is my favorite thing to do. looking forward to hearing from anyone that also is doing or wanting to do this. I know it will be hard for the first 30 days but they say it takes 30 days to form a new habit and I am all . 

As always :) it is contagious :) :) :) 

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