Sunday, February 10, 2013

New app to use, IBOTTA

I have downloaded this app on my GS III and love it has made me some money already just for going Grocery shopping . Please click on the link here and try it out yourself.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl part2

Well we are getting ready for the Big Game. All of Winco's good snack's are on our table plus do ypu see my Tini yup made me a Sour Apple Tini. Mmmmmmmh is all I can say.

Superbowl Sunday Spread

All this I have bought at  Winco , you all know my favorite Store. Total came to  $ 23.02  what a deal. Super easy but yet so Good. 

If you have never tried the Nathan's Hot Dog, it is a must for us they are the best tasting. I have bought the short and the long once. 

Be save and enjoy today's Superbowl Game. I know I am going to have me my Tini's. Oh yes I also bought my mix for my Tini's the Sour Apple and the Blueberry both are only $4.98 each what a deal. Of Course you can also get your Vodka their too at a great Price.