Monday, January 28, 2013

Shrimp Scampi super easy and supper easy on your budget

And here is what it looks like. I tell you it took less then 30 minutes to cook. And what a luscious and yet so inexpensive meal it is.  the shrimp cost me $5.00 the pasta was $1.00 and the garlic butter maybe $0.25. 

So this meal cost $6.25 for 2 people and I have more pasta left over for me the next day for lunch. 

After the pasta is cooked I pour in the pan that I cooked the shrimp in. On medium I like to just get the flavor of the shrimp on the pasta.  

After I melt the garlic btter I add the shrimp and cook on medium for 3 minutes on each side, this is how we like it. You know how you like yours cooked. 

Garlic butter from WINCO, I love their garlic butter and it only cost $1.99 for the container.  

I use Costco Shrimp they come with shell ( I just shell them but they are already cleaned ) you get 20 for 1 lb  
I used 5 for each person 

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