Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to make Slow Cooker Lasagna

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  1. Slow Cooker Lasagna

    Ingredients are as follows :
    Oil to cook the turkey 3 or 4 tbsp ( I use Grapeseed oil I like the light taste )
    pam spray for coating slow cooker
    1 lb ground Turkey
    1 pack lasagna pasta ( I used wheat ) do not cook use uncooked
    1 spaghetti Sauce ( which ever is the one you like )
    1/2 a onion
    garlic powder to taste
    32 oz Ricotta
    1 pack of shredded Mozzarella cheese
    Parmesan use as you like
    1 bundle each of Fresh basil n flat leave parsley chopped not to fine

    In this order put the oil n ground turkey n onion n garlic powder mix well and cook for 5 minutes add your can or jar of Spaghetti sauce.

    While this cooks mix all the cheeses ( ricotta, shredded mozzarella n parmesan n also the fresh basil and the flat leave parsley.

    I like to break my pasta in half so they fit good in my slow cooker.

    Now start layering in your slow cooker ... pasta then sauce then cheese mix, another row of pasta n sauce n cheese mix and one last row of pasta n sauce n cheese mix I also put some extra parmesan on top cover

    Now turn your slow cooker on high for 1 hr after that put to low for 3 hrs ( my slow cooker run on the high side so kind of watch it if it does not look done enough for you cook a little longer you can not go wrong it is a slow cooker and will keep it moist.